Price is subject to change based on Processing Time and Shipping Method chosen. Processing Time is not applicable for Liens as they qualify for free same day processing.

How Our Lien Recording Services Work

We would love to be able to handle liens the same way we handle notices to owner–you fill out one simple form and we do the rest. Unfortunately, under Florida’s Construction Lien Laws, only an attorney or a lienor (you) can “prepare” a lien. Thus, here is how we still are able to provide a valuable service to you:

1. When you place your order, you give us the information needed to start the lien process and prepare for recording your lien.

2. We will email you documentation to complete. Usually, we send this email within an hour of receiving your order, and always the same day we receive it. We would love to complete this paperwork for you, but as noted above, Florida’s Construction Lien Laws require that you complete it. Any company that does otherwise commits a felony, so I am sure you understand why we (and any other company following the law) cannot do more.

3. You scan or mail us back the original document. Again, we wish we could do this over email or fax, but not a single clerk of courts in Florida will accept a non-original document for recording. Thus, we have to have an original document, with original signatures, and an original notary stamp.

4. What you get from our services:

  1. We record your lien in the required county
  2. We make sure your lien is submitted properly and in accordance with the local clerk’s requirements. Believe it or not, most Florida clerks of court have unique procedures and fees connected to the recording of liens.
  3. We make sure to serve a copy of the lien on the homeowner within the 15 days required by statute.
  4. We ensure you have a record of this delivery should you need it in the future.
  5. We ensure you receive the original, recorded lien back should you need it in the future.
  6. We pay all postage and recording fees, whatever they may be, but only charge one flat fee.

5. These procedures apply to ALL lien orders. Our standard service guarantees that you will receive the documentation from us the day you place your order and that we will send the lien out for recording the day we receive the original in our offices. Due to the requirement that we have the original document for recording unless you courier the original lien over to us the same day, it would be physically impossible for us to send your lien out for recording the same day you place the order. Further, we send liens out for recording via US Mail or FedEx, again making it physically impossible for a lien to be recorded the same day you place your order.

6. Due to the nature of our lien recording services and the fact that we provide you with valuable information almost immediately upon receiving your order, we cannot provide full refunds in the event that you cancel your order once we have begun processing it. We typically begin processing your lien order within 15 minutes of receiving it

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